Ferrari California T

Ferrari California T, I’m profiling this car because I just absolutely love it.  I drove one in Las Vegas last year and couldn’t wait to get it on the track. It is sporty, elegant and versatile created with Pininfarnia.

Ferrari California T Exterior

Classic Ferrari Proportions the California T brags classic Ferrari proportions: the shape of its flanks motivated, in fact, by the 250 Testa Rossa’s famous pontoon – fender styling, with the forepart wing line stretching back towards the dense, muscular rear and bringing an aerodynamic smoothness and movement to the sides.

Ferrari California T Interior

Comfort and functionality the California T’s cabin is a seamless melding of innovative volumes, streamlined, functional forms, and a powerful Ferrari feel courtesy of unquestionable classic Prancing Horse styling cues, such as the clear divisions betwixt the tunnel and dash, round vents, multi-functioning steering wheel and the signature of F1 bridge on the tunnel. Entire presented as a beautifully stylish handcrafted package focusing on advanced materials and finishes whilst also being superbly functional.


  • Powertrain
  • Retractable Hard-Top
  • Vehicle Dynamic
  • Architecture


An entirely new engine that, in a world first, combines the instantaneous response to commands, blistering performance, impressive torque and signature sound typical of a conventional Ferrari Power Unit with the fuel efficiency of a turbo.

Retractable Hard-Top

Manufactured from aluminum panels above weight bearing structural castings, also aluminum, the RHT also assists cut the California T’s all inclusive weight to be bone. Both top and cover move concurrently at the time of opening cycle allowing the California T to switch personalities in an exceptionally short time. Optimization of the roof packaging – over lapping of the concave side means – the California T’s luggage compartment endures very generous even when the top is down, guaranteeing enough space in the cabin also.

Vehicle Dynamic

The amalgamation of the California T’s resolute architecture, dynamic controls, and new engine guarantees persistent fun behind the wheel both in challenging and more relaxed or comfortable driving conditions, in perfect grand touring.


The California T is a strikingly dense car, a fact that boasts its sporty handling dynamics, while still maintaining truly generous space of cabin. Its trans axle architecture result in perfect distribution of weight with a slight bias to the rear as per Ferrari tradition. Moreover, the fact that the engine is now located lower in the chassis has better the center of the car’s gravity which increases handling still further.

Both body shell and chassis are made all from aluminum. This is a light weighted solution with high torsional rigidity, a particularly major reason for a drop top car, making for better performance and safety.

Ferrari California T
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