Tone House, “Our workout is their warmup”

Tone House

I recently got an email from Tone House saying, “Our warm-up, is their workout”. It reminded me of this past weekend. But to learn more about this past weekend, I’ll have to tell you about how I came to join Tone House to begin with.

In January, I was volunteering at a NYRR race to complete my 9+1. My partner in crime on that freezing winter morning was a cool dude named Matt. Now Matt and I shared a very similar story. We recently became obsessed with running races. Over the next few months we talked a lot about our experiences and even ran a few races together. Well, he ran, I tried to keep up.

I would say about in June he started telling me about Tone House. It’s the baddest class on the planet. He probably mentioned they’ll be models in the class but I vaguely remember that part. I read all these articles and recently decided to sign-up for a “Rookie Pass”. So Matt sent me his referral code and I signed up for Friday / Saturday. Yes. Back to back like Drake said.

When I started writing this, I was going to go into the workout routines and the cool people in the class and the facilities/instructors. Well, you can read all about that in other articles. But this place is bad ass!

I feel like I was just beat up by a professional boxer…twice. I run a lot. So this works every muscle I’m used to and then every other muscle I ignore. I felt stronger already. I feel like I can’t wait to get back in the ring. My body on the other hand is saying. Man, don’t you have other things you can do tomorrow?

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