Maratona di Roma

On Sunday April 2, 2017, I ran my 6th marathon in 6 months.  But this one was one of the most special.  Why?  It was Rome, my second home.  I love Rome.  I lived there for almost 3 years in 2009-2011.  It was bitter sweet to leave back in 2011, not knowing I’d one day run the streets of Rome, literally.  It was a week filled with meeting up with old friends, making new friends and then there was Maratona di Roma.

This wasn’t a quick trip.  I was going to be there for a week.  I had plenty of time to revisit my old friends, see my favorite restaurants and coffee bars, and do a few touristy things.  It was a wonderful trip.

I woke up early since I was staying outside of Rome in my friends Villa.  They were so kind to allow me as a house guest.  [Shout out to you know who you are]  I drove to the start that was a few blocks away from the Colosseum.  I parked a few blocks away and made my way to the start.  The thing that you must remember about Rome is it’s very hard to find parking on regular days.  I recommend taking a taxi or staying close to the start if you don’t know the city well.

As you’re walking up to the start, you’re reminded that you’re in Italy.  The screams start early.  Italians are people full of excitement, energy and culture.  It definitely shows in this marathon right from the jump.  Unfortunately, it was pouring.  I think it rained for the first two hours before it calmed down.  But you’re running by the Colosseum!  Who cares.

Rome is filled with beauty and even the unknown buildings and monuments are incredible.  One of my favorite parts of this marathon was running through Piazza Navona and Piazza di Spagna.  It may just be the highlight of the race.

Colosseo – Maratona di Roma
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