Louis Vuitton’s Luxury in a bottle

It took Louis Vuitton 70 years to launch a perfume line. However, thanks to complexity and the highest standards of creative process, the brand aficionados can enjoy not one but seven fragrances, which were available in LV boutiques and pop-up stores in Paris, London, Dubai and Seoul and of course New York City. They are now available in a few other locations.  While other fashion houses entered the profitable market valued at $38.8bn introduce their fragrances to consumers in an extremely fast-paced manner through licensing, Louis Vuitton, in their elegant and sophisticated way entrusted the creation of their perfumes with one of the world’s best known perfumers.

Cavallier is a true master in his field, responsible for such hits as Lancôme’s Poeme or Stella by Stella McCartney. His family has been living in Grasse, a cradle of perfume-manufacturing for centuries. Now, his teenage daughter is thinking about following his professional path. This time Cavallier was given no time restrictions concerning his creative process. It took him three years to develop 7 unique floral scents but it seems that it was worth to wait.

Seven bottles hide mysterious aromas that will cater for even the most demanding of luxury lovers. Rose de Ventes offers a purely fresh rose scent obtained in the state-of art extraction technique. Turbulences is based on the seductive scent of tuberoses so numerous in a garden of Les Fontaines Parfumées, 17th century property acquired by LVMH, where the new perfume atelier of LV is located. Dans le Peau goes back to muskiness of leather, so important for the heritage of the brand and offers multi-layered mystery, which depends on the skin it is worn on. Apogee is a scent inspired by lily of the valley, very fresh and long-lasting. Contre Moi is vanilla focused but offers surprisingly bitter-sweet and not-overwhelming scent. Matière Noire or dark matter, is the most unisex of all seven perfumes, which might be the best-seller. Finally, Mille Feux, leather with a hint of raspberry, a perfect summer scent.

Once again the brand proved that they are not following the market trends, they are the trend setters.

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