The Classic Car Club hosts Bentley Motors and Mexico or Bust

Last night the Classic Car Club of Manhattan hosted Bentley Motors for its collaboration with the Mexico or Bust Charitable organization.  What a spectacular event it was.  As a card carrying social member of the Club, I received an invite.  Recently relocated at 1 Pier 76, the private club boast over 30 classic and modern cars for its members to chose from.  Membership is by application only and if you apply, and you’re cool, I’m sure you’ll at least get to tour the place.  Click here

The Classic Car Club hosts Bentley Motors and Mexico or Bust


I was lucky enough to pop over early to get a sneak preview of the setup.  The crown jewel was this fire red Bentley Continental Super Sports Convertible.  What an amazing “fusion of extremes”.  I won’t even begin to talk about all the functions and features of this car until I get to test drive it.  But the look is amazing.  I snapped a few pictures, drooled over the car and decided I’ll be back later for the event.

The event started at 7pm.  I was fashionably late arriving around 8:15pm after making a quick pit stop at a photography show.  As I walked in I realized there were two other Bentley’s in sight.  But let’s get to what’s most important.  The cocktail list.  I was introduced to Teal Black, Marketing Manager for Tequila Casa Dragones. Teal explained to me the craftsmanship that went into producing their hand-made liquor.  I was very impressed with the taste.

At the end of the event, I think people really had a great time.  I mean where else can you drink amazing tequila, donate to a good cause and drool over $200,000+ automobiles?  If you have never attended their events, find out which friend of yours is a member or call me, maybe I’ll invite you as my guest.

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